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October 15,2020

Why LineSlip Markets Extends the Value of Your AMS

One of the questions we get from prospective customers is whether LineSlip Markets replaces the Agency Management System. While on the surface there appear to be some similar benefits, LineSlip doesn’t replace the AMS. Rather, LineSlip extends the value of the Agency Management System and provides enhanced functionality around client deliverables and analytics. Brokers will continue to […]

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January 7,2017

Join The Data Revolution

Today’s commercial insurance submission process is the same as it was a decade ago despite incredible advances in technology: It’s time consuming and inefficient for everyone involved, including clients, brokers and carriers. More importantly, while companies such as Amazon make a fortune by making the most of data, almost all the information collected in the […]

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January 4,2017

Why We Created LineSlip

Before I co-founded LineSlip, I was, and still am, a real estate investor. Through investing, I got to know the commercial insurance business well. As I became closer with my broker and got to see his risk marketing process first hand, I realized that this industry was ripe for change. I saw how manual and […]

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