One-click access to data insights and visualizations that used to take days to compile.

A better approach to insurance program management

Data at your fingertips

Everything you need to make smarter, faster business decisions-—without manually keying data. LineSlip gives you instant access to your program information, direct from the documents themselves. In turn, risk executives can:

LIneSlip Automate Processes

Optimize Insurance Spend

Gain total visibility to your entire insurance program portfolio of policies, for all lines of business, from global to local, in one system so you can track premium, limit, retention, and exposure information over time by product, carrier, broker, and year.

LineSlip Risk Manager Understand Premiums

Strengthen Renewal Negotiations

Quantify your portfolio and leverage carrier relationships to improve your renewal negotiations and help resolve complicated claims – especially critical in a hard market.

LineSlip Risk Manager - Understand Organization

Reduce Reporting Time

Share all information in real-time with your team and easily create management deliverables on the fly that illustrate everything you need in one detailed report—no more wasting time creating visuals or reformatting data received from multiple brokers.

LIneSlip Risk Manager - Share Data

Exhibit the Value of Your Program

Instant access to insurance summaries, premium/rate comparisons, tower visualizations and source documents such as binders, or policies. Extend access to historical and in-force insurance program information to key stakeholders such as Legal and Finance to review policy limits, premiums, retentions, and rate information any way they want.

How it works:

✓ Turnkey Implementation

Upload your insurance program documents onto our secure platform and LineSlip does the rest—no manual data keying required.

✓ Instant Insight & Reporting

After your documents are ingested and digitized, use the LineSlip dashboard to call up insurance summaries, tower visualizations, premium/rate comparisons and more.

✓ Digitally-Linked Documentation

Digitally-linked and cloud-stored source documents means you can drill down to the original files whenever you need them, from wherever you are.