Fluid Edge Themes


Quote Compare

Aggregate quotes for easy comparison by costs and coverages.

Save time by organizing quotes by premium, limits/deductibles and critical coverages, allowing clients to visualize the differences in carrier quotes.

Proposal Generator

Save time assembling quotes without sacrificing branding

Assembling marketing reports is time consuming and laborious. With LineSlip you can easily generate custom proposals that represent your brand and set you apart from your competition.

Data Engine

Quantify market relationships by capturing and organizing quote data

Using sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing techniques, LineSlip structures and organizes the valuable data previously locked in the quotes.

Data Presentation

Visualize and leverage the data generated during the risk marketing process

View critical details about the markets you bind with and the markets that quote but you don’t bind. Quantify, classify and render hot markets, cold markets and specialty markets to understand which carriers are being used. See the data organized by LOB, industry classification, geography and premium, or any other KPI.

The power of the LineSlip Network

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