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January 7,2020

Why I Joined LineSlip Solutions

“I’m excited about the opportunity I have to not only to help LineSlip scale but also to take part in transforming the industry.”

In my 20+ year career at Marsh, I was fortunate to have a birds-eye view of the commercial insurance landscape. I spent 16 years in the Private Equity and M&A Practice before transitioning to regional leadership positions. During my last two years, I was Chief Operating Officer for the US and Canada division.

In my role, I met countless Insurtech companies with great ideas, technology and people. I was inspired by the work they were doing and the problems they were trying to solve. However, it was clear that many of these companies lacked basic knowledge of the insurance business and an understanding of the end-to-end insurance process. I also saw companies that rethought the entire workflow, and while the process looked incredible in a demo or spelled out on a slide, it meant tons of change management that few companies are willing to take on. Sadly, most Insurtech projects die on the vine as a result.

I realized that for the industry to transform and for this great new technology to be adopted, people with insurance expertise will need to make the move to Insurtech; so, after reflecting on my career and goals I decided to take the plunge.

joined LineSlip Solutions this week because I think this company has the opportunity to make insurance much easier than it is today, for everyone — brokers, carriers and insureds. What sold me on the company was the thoughtful way that the platform brings together data and analytics cohesively with the pre and post bind production cycle requiring limited change management while integrating seamlessly with existing platforms. I have yet to see anything like it to date. A number of elite companies including a top global broker, Fortune 500 companies and global private equity and real estate firms took notice and are already using the platform. LineSlip have proven that they have found product-market fit.

I’m excited about the opportunity I have to not only help LineSlip scale but also to take part in transforming the industry.

If you’re interested in learning more or seeing a demo, please email me at I would love to share more.