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October 13,2020

Why Risk Managers Win When LineSlip and Origami Risk Come Together

Today, LineSlip Solutions and Origami Risk announced a strategic partnership whereby Origami customers will be able to access the LineSlip technology to organize, report and analyze their insurance program data. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with Origami Risk customers and can’t wait to see them benefit from the joint solution.

With LineSlip, reporting and managing multiple brokers and significant program complexity becomes simple. Our purpose designed data visualizations make understanding and reporting on your insurance coverages easy and “C-suite ready, 24/7.” All data are sourced directly from the actual binders, policy documents or declaration pages. Intricate excess towers and quota shares are visualized automatically as LineSlip culls the data from the documents you share with us.

In addition, Origami Risk customers can now marry-up summary loss data with key premium/policy information to quantify ROI by carrier. It’s complete insurance program monitoring, 24/7, for the whole team. And, “One Source of Truth,” which is something that RMs have been asking for. Now, brokers, risk managers and senior management can be permissioned to view whatever you choose, but it will always be complete, correct and up-to-date. No more fumbling for the right version.

These benefits can be realized because of how we designed LineSlip to take the manual work out of data analytics. We promise:

  • The most accurate reporting, when you need it, without any manual data entry
  • Data transparency – drill down from visual to access the source document
  • Automated data collection and comprehensive program monitoring
  • Performance and risk analytics through beautifully designed dashboards

We would love to show you why Business Insurance gave us a 2020 Innovation Award. Request a demo today or read more about LineSlip Risk Manager.