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3 Powerful Solutions

Purpose-built data and reporting platform allows you to easily understand what’s driving insurance premiums, analyze policy information and quantify trading relationships.

Eliminate time consuming manual reporting. A centralized view of your commercial insurance data allows you to track, manage and view, in real-time, the current and historical state of your business.

Reduce insurance administration and eliminate time consuming manual reporting. One centralized view of your data allows you to track, manage and see the current and historical state of your business, 24/7.

Only LineSlip Provides

Complete Automation

No manual data entry needed for total program monitoring

The Most Accurate Reporting 24/7

Whenever you need it, from wherever you are.

Instant Insight

Performance and risk analytics on clean, intuitive dashboards.

Data Transparency and Granularity

Drill down from the visual to any source document.

“LineSlip is a game changer for the insurance industry. Because LineSlip requires little to no training, our brokers can be up and running very quickly and see tremendous time savings almost immediately. Also, the BI that LineSlip delivers means that we can finally put all the data we collect during the submission process to use.”

—Ryan Daniele, Director of Strategy and Operations , MJ Insurance

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