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Powerful Solutions for Commercial Insurance Brokers

LineSlip Insights: The Only Cloud-Hosted Business Intelligence Tool for Sophisticated Insurance Buyers

Maintain high brand standards and create professional insurance submissions

Reduce time and errors in client deliverables

Benchmark quotes across the firm and against other brokers’ market experiences

Enter new markets by knowing the cost of risks

LineSlip Markets: Free Up Brokers’ Time to Focus on Strategy, not Manual Tasks

Combine data from all insurance brokers into a single view

Save money by driving increased competition among insurance carriers

View coverage, limits and carriers at single a glance

Improve bottom line by identifying risk pooling and consolidation opportunities

“LineSlip is a game changer for the insurance industry. Because LineSlip requires little to no training, our brokers can be up and running very quickly and see tremendous time savings almost immediately. Also, the BI that LineSlip delivers means that we can finally put all the data we collect during the submission process to use.”

—Ryan Daniele, Director of Strategy and Operations , MJ Insurance

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