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Data Science for the Insurance Industry

What is LineSlip Solutions?

LineSlip Solutions was founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs with over 40 years of commercial insurance experience as brokers, producers, underwriters and executives. Purpose-built for the commercial insurance industry, we have created a framework that uses Natural Language Processing to automatically extract and structure data previously locked in quotes, proposals and other insurance documents. Using that framework, LineSlip Markets allows brokers to easily generate proposals and present quote comparisons while collecting, analyzing and using the data generated in the marketing process to make smarter, more timely business decisions that affect the bottom line. LineSlip Solutions is based in New York City and is actively working with some of the leading brokerage firms in the country.

Leo Bernstein

Co-founder and CEO

My twenty year career in New York has allowed me to go deep into industries that I am incredibly passionate about — finance, real estate and insurance. I’ve been drawn to companies with big ideas that are able to transform businesses and entire industries in the process.


After years in finance I made the move to real estate and was astounded by the inefficiencies in getting commercial insurance for my buildings. I always had a strong desire to become an entrepreneur and realized that this was my opportunity. I co-founded LineSlip with colleagues from the insurance industry who shared my passion for transforming this industry and ensuring that it didn’t get left behind in the data revolution. My vision for LineSlip is that it will streamline many archaic processes, bring collaboration where there once was silos, and allow everyone to benefit from data.


Rob Keyvani

Co-founder and CTO

I joined LineSlip because I am passionate about predictive analytic development at scale and know I can make a difference in the insurance industry. I have technology and leadership experience working in asset management and risk management with emphasis on fixed income derivatives pricing and insurance linked securities such as catastrophe linked bonds.


At LineSlip, I manage a team or product and engineering professionals that want to solve big problems and help an established industry use the power of data to improve their work and the industry as a whole.



Anthony Kontoleon

Managing Director at Credit Suisse

John Bonner

Strategy, Enterprise Content Platform at Thomson Reuters

James Record

Former Managing Dir., Product Research & Development at SNL Financial