Insurance Portfolio Management for Real Estate

Software to help optimize spend, reduce reporting time and allocate commercial insurance costs across your portfolio.

LineSlip Real Estate eliminates time-consuming manual reporting and provides a centralized view of your portfolio’s commercial insurance data so you can track, manage and view, in real-time, the current and historical state of your business.

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Optimize Insurance Spend

Quickly understand key insurance relationships and identify risk pooling and consolidation opportunities. Ensure consistency of coverage across your entire portfolio with a single, easy-to-view company by company comparison.

Strengthen Renewal Negotiations

Quantify your portfolio and leverage carrier relationships to help resolve complicated claims and optimize your renewal premiums - especially critical in a hard market.

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Reduce Reporting Time

Instant access to insurance summaries, premium/rate comparisons, tower visualizations and source documents such as binders, or policies. Easily create management deliverables on the fly that illustrate everything you need in one detailed report—no more wasting time creating visuals or reformatting data received from multiple brokers.

RM Dashboard

Streamline Premium Allocations

Track acquisitions and dispositions in a systematic way and easily budget premium expenditure throughout the year. Allocate the insurance premiums of your insurance program among your properties however you want - by TIV, square footage, keys, or a custom methodology.

Features that make this possible

Complete Automation

Upload your binders and other associated insurance docs and the LineSlip team does the rest. Be up and running within weeks.

On-Demand Reporting

Insurance summaries, tower visualizations, premium/rate comparisons whenever you need it, from wherever you are.

Instant Insight

Performance and risk analytics on clean, intuitive dashboards.

Data Transparency & Granularity

Drill down from the visual to any source document such as policies, binders, etc.

Permissioned Access

No more wondering who has access to what data. Portfolio company and brokers view their respective data only. You control who sees what data.


Policy renewal timelines to keep you on track of upcoming renewals.

Olive Tree Holdings Finds Reporting Bliss with LineSlip Real Estate

Before LineSlip, Olive Tree had no holistic understanding of its insurance program. That all changed with LineSlip Real Estate. Finally, reporting and premium allocation, which was once tedious and onerous, is a breeze.

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