Fluid Edge Themes


Reduce Insurance Administration

Arrange, schedule and track policy renewals, limits, carriers and performance. Track acquisitions and dispositions in a systematic way and easily budget premium expenditure throughout the year.  Easily upload program information into data rooms.

Easy-to-Understand Dashboards

Ensure consistency of coverage across your entire portfolio with a single, easy-to-view company by company comparison. Track midterm program changes by portfolio company.

Better Reporting

Eliminate time consuming manual reporting since the portfolio insurance program rolls up seamlessly to a fund level view, regardless of which broker is used.

Permissioned Access

No more wondering who has access to what data. PE firm, portfolio company and brokers view their respective data only.  You control who sees what data.

Performance and Analytics

Quickly understand key insurance relationships and identify risk pooling and consolidation opportunities.

Only LineSlip Provides:


To allocate insurance premiums across the real estate portfolio by TIV, square footage, keys, or a custom methodology.

Complete Automation

No manual data entry needed for total program monitoring.

Instant Insight

Performance and risk analytics on clean, intuitive dashboards.

The Most Accurate Reporting 24/7

Whenever you need it, from wherever you are.

Data Transparency and Granularity

Drill down from the visual to any source document

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