Fluid Edge Themes


Real-Time Insurance Dashboard

Eliminate time-consuming manual reporting and clearly exhibit the value of your programs.

Management-Ready Reporting

Whether you’re working from home or the office, share all information real time with your team and easily create management deliverables on the fly that illustrate everything you need in one detailed report. No more wasting time reformatting data received from multiple brokers.

Renewal Negotiations

Clearly quantify and leverage carrier relationships to strengthen your renewal negotiations and help resolve difficult claims  — especially critical in a hard market.

Exhibit the Value of Your Risk Program

Track premium and exposure information over time by product, carrier, broker and year.

Only LineSlip Provides:

Complete Automation

No manual data entry needed for total program monitoring.

Instant Insight

Performance and risk analytics on clean, intuitive dashboards.

The Most Accurate Reporting 24/7

Whenever you need it, from wherever you are.

Data Transparency and Granularity

Drill down from the visual to any source document.

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